Customer Tools

Manage your supply chain more efficiently with our suite of online customer tools.

Expeditors offers our customers and service providers tracking and reporting services designed to fit the diverse needs of any supply chain. These tools promote collaboration between all parties and offer a single source of information for effective management of logistics operations. Customer specific requirements can be entered for customized reporting, pre-alerts and other notifications.

Unlike many tracking systems that require the shipper to know the carrier's air waybill number, we permit queries by a variety of customer reference numbers such as the purchase order, sales order or commercial invoice number.

For insurance customers, Expeditors' global risk management system provides tools to manage transit related risks and helps create and manage insurance documents, including certificates and claims.

Additionally, Expeditors provides tools to effectively manage and report on vendor performance and discrepancy issues to drive costs out of the supply chain.

Capabilities Include:

  • Make an online booking
  • Arrange a pick-up
  • Track a shipment
  • Monitor container delivery status
  • Set up pre-alert notifications
  • Meet ISF requirements
  • Manage vendors
  • Monitor warehouse inventory
  • File an insurance claim
  • Use mobile tracking

Want more information?

exp.o® offers a single source of information for effective management of logistics operations from booking through to delivery.

Tradeflow is our suite of collaborative supply chain tools designed to assist importers and exporters in managing their international trade challenges.

Contact your local Expeditors representative for a demo or access to our online tools.