Environmental Stewardship

Our Commitment

At Expeditors, we work with our customers, service providers and employees to demonstrate a measurable commitment to environmental sustainability. We go beyond compliance to create new opportunities to reduce pollution, while saving money. As a non-asset owning logistics provider, we are not tied to aging fleets. We have the freedom to partner with service providers who have newer, more fuel efficient fleets and strong environmental programs.


As a non-asset owning logistics provider, we don't own the ships, trucks, and planes that move our customers' freight. This gives us flexibility in helping our customers manage their supply chains' environmental impact. We partner with customers to measure and recommend ways to reduce their transportation carbon footprint. Our customers have saved money due to these recommendations.

There are many ways to reduce a transportation footprint, ranging from modal shifts like truck to rail, to slowing down the supply chain, to consolidation of freight in order to utilize containers effectively. In almost every case where less fuel is burned, there is less carbon footprint and less cost. We have years of expertise in helping our customers find solutions that work for them, and sophisticated systems to provide data for making informed decisions. Additionally, we recommend ways for our customers to utilize only the space they need in our warehouses and optimize energy and material usage in our warehouses.

Service Providers

We don't have control over how quickly our service providers modernize their fleets, but we do have influence. We partnered with the US EPA SmartWay program in 2008 and quickly earned "Outstanding Performer" status due to our ability to promote the program to existing and new trucking service providers. In 2014, Expeditors was presented the SmartWay Excellence Award, given to the top 1-2% of SmartWay partners for achieving high efficiency benchmarks and for continuous contributions to a more sustainable supply chain. Expeditors' Global Green Team actively researches potential partnerships with service providers and other groups to help us make a bigger impact. We are also members of Coalition for Responsible Transportation.


We have over 200 branch Green Teams spread across our network which are led by volunteer employees who are passionate about making a difference in their local environments. Each Green Team is managed locally and implements projects and initiatives that make the most sense for their office. These projects are tracked in a software program, Scope 5, and analyzed to see which ones are yielding the best results. The best practices are shared among the network through the company intranet, featured articles, and training.