Health & Safety

Synonymous with Our Culture and Mission

At Expeditors, the idea of operating safely comes naturally to our teams of dedicated employees and managers. We all learn from our very first day on the job that Expeditors is a place that cares for its people, pays attention to the details, places a premium on process improvement and does not cut corners. The entrepreneurial spirit of our organization rests on a foundation of trust, namely, that each employee can rest assured that the total commitment to our people includes a commitment to their well being.

Part of Everything We Do

Employee health and safety is a part of who we are and what we do. Expeditors encourages all employees to share in the Company's commitment to health and safety. For more information, please see section 1.7 of our Code of Conduct.

Dedicated Health and Safety Teams

Our approach includes Health and Safety Managers assigned to our geographic regions. This structure ensures global coordination of Health and Safety at Expeditors while also providing a resource that supports health and safety matters in each region. In addition, each District Office has an appointed Branch Health and Safety Representative and a local Safety Team to take ownership of Expeditors Health and Safety initiatives.

Expeditors Health and Safety Standards

At the heart of our Health and Safety program is a set of Health and Safety Standards that applies throughout our global network of offices. Expeditors Health and Safety Standards, consisting of 10 core elements, formally integrate our long-standing commitment to health and safety into our operational processes. For more information, please contact your local Expeditors representative.