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Expeditors Supports White House Program for Youth Opportunities

Through the "Opportunity Knocks" program Expeditors provides valuable work experience to disconnected youth, putting to test the motto, "Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill." From its beginning in 2008 the program has created opportunities for 25 youth. In conjunction with the White House's Summer Jobs +, Expeditors has pledged to create 75 more opportunities for youth in 2012.

Opportunity Knocks recruits high school students who are not currently considering higher education. For most of these students, the only jobs available are manual or shift jobs, such as in retail and restaurants. The program presents an opportunity for students to work in a professional environment, and the potential for starting a career in a successful company.

For more information on Opportunity Knocks, visit our Social Responsibility page.

The full text of the White House press release is available at: