Redesigning the Retail Supply Chaincase

Continuous improvement coupled with near-time reality gives you the advantage to redesign your supply chain in a risk-free way. By creating a “digital twin” of your global supply chain, our Supply Chain Solutions mirrors your network, allowing you to test new strategies for cost reductions, carbon mitigation, and efficiency gains across your supply chain without disrupting your business.





We Recognize Pressure Comes From All Directions.

With no shortage of pressure and challenges, Expeditors knows how critical it is for retailers to effectively navigate the operational and strategic challenges of this VUCA* world. 

Whether faced with erratic consumer demand, global health crises, challenges in final mile deliveries, or building a return network, we understand that retailers must react quickly to this unrelenting pace of change and make decisions confidently.

 Reinecke, Gary. "Coaching VUCA." InFocus. 4 July 2016.

*Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity


Make Decisions Confidently

Confidence relies on data that reflects your supply chain performance, and having confidence on data-based decisions can be difficult with inconsistent and imperfect data.

With our digital twin, we can take your retail data with all its inconsistencies and transform it into a single source of insightful information.


Risk Free Arena

Having a digital twin of your supply chain provides supply chain leaders with insight into what is currently happening and a risk-free arena to confidently predict what would happen if changes were made.

Expeditors' digital twin allows retailers to continuously monitor supply chain performance to ensure that unforeseen disruptions are identified quickly.


Theory to Practice

We are raising retail companies' analytic capabilities to new levels, where operational constraints no longer hinder implementations, and strategic decisions can quickly move from theory to practice.


"The digital twin tool took our current analytical capabilities to a different level. This function ensured that the results produced were something that could be realistically operationalized ...invaluable in terms of allowing our team to make the best strategic decisions we could make in our current operating environment.”

- Dollar General

Supply Chain Solutions in Actioncase

 Retail customers rely on our experience and creativity to model solutions that raise the performance of their supply chain network. With the digital twin, customers not only address their current business needs but also future proof their supply chain by adding forecasted changes into the models we create.  We love to partner with our customers to improve their supply chain and help our customers identify performance opportunities. Below are examples of Supply Chain Solutions in action.  

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Enable growth by simulating various distribution designs to service growing customer segments.


Optimize your returns program network to minimize carbon & cost while maximizing efficiencies.


Identify shifting demand patterns that require closer attention to supply chain capacity.


Understand the impact of sourcing changes before you disrupt your budget.

Future Proofcase-features

Future proof your carrier awards by expanding the selection criteria beyond a rating exercise.



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