No matter what industry you are in, Expeditors has the knowledge, experience and flexibility to respond to your distinctive requirements, and the competency to grasp even the most complex industry supply chains.

Throughout our global network, we have experts dedicated to helping you design and implement solutions tailored specifically to your industry. Industry-specific alignment allows us to thoroughly understand the unique environment in which you operate, and to design targeted solutions that improve your supply chain.

In addition to our experience with the automotive, telecommunications, high-tech and food industries, we have dedicated industry vertical teams located throughout our network who are focused on retail & fashion, oil & energy, aviation & aerospace, and healthcare. These industry experts concentrate on three key areas; product and service, training, and sales support.

Working with Product and Service leadership, we build programs and services that address the unique needs of a specific vertical industry. Developing internal and external training and educational materials is an important aspect of our vertical program. We ensure our sales and operational staff are armed with the knowledge and ability to understand and support the complex supply chain needs of our industry clients. Additionally, our vertical teams support our sales and account managers through knowledge sharing, program recommendations, and active involvement in sales, transition, and retention.