Network Solutions

The Network Solutions group works closely with you to help raise the levels of performance in your supply chain. This is accomplished by focusing on supply chain design as one of the most important drivers of overall performance.

Customers rely on us to help them optimize their distribution networks, transportation flows, inventories and business processes. We also support the design of Network Management and Lead Logistics Solutions, both of which tend to encompass broad supply chain networks, using multiple transportation modes across several geographic regions. We begin with an effective diagnostic process, followed by innovation and comprehensive analytics. Our goal is to enable you to make objective decisions that balance cost and risk in a way that fits with your short and long range business goals.

In addition to the human capital on the Network Solutions team, domain experts from all areas of the company participate in projects, as appropriate, to contribute their expertise to your projects. And finally, world-class modeling, optimization and simulation software rounds out the portfolio of resources available to deliver the results you need.

As Expeditors' customers face the challenges of increasing supply chain complexity, and relentless pressure for improved performance, Network Solutions is here to help. Established in 2005, the group has grown to over 30 people and has completed nearly 900 projects.