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2008 News

Expeditors Presented with 2 Quest for Quality Awards for 2008

Logistics Management surveys its readers once a year having them rate providers of transportation and logistics services. The top rated companies are then given a "Quest for Quality" award. It is with great pleasure that we announce for the fourth consecutive year Expeditors has been awarded a "Quest for Quality Award" in both Third-Party Logistics and Freight Forwarding. These awards are yet another symbol of our dedication to setting the standard for excellence in global logistics, year after year.

Expeditors No. 32 on Business Week's Top 50 Best Performing Companies

Business Week's Top 50 Best Performing Companies list was released in April, ranking companies on two vital financial measures: average return on capital and growth, both taken over the previous 36 months. We are proud to announce that Expeditors made it on the list at no. 32. The CEO's message at the May shareholders meeting attributes the financial success of this organization to our employees. We are an organization that grows organically, one that has a strong network infrastructure with a global presence, and one that is not for sale.