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2013 News

Top 25 Freight Forwarders: Expeditors Ranks 8th in 2013

For 30 years, Logistics Management's Quest for Quality has been regarded in the transportation and logistics industry as an important measure of customer satisfaction and performance excellence. Expeditors was ranked 8th in the Top 25 Global Freight Forwarders in 2013. It was noted that Expeditors is the largest, best run North American-based freight forwarder.

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Expeditors is Recognized for Value-Added Warehousing and Distribution Solutions, and Freight Forwarding

Logistics Management distinguished Expeditors as one of the 2013 Quest for Quality 3PLs for value-added warehousing and distribution solutions, and for meeting pressing global demands with freight forwarding while maintaining world-class service. Expeditors was also recognized for excellent services such as transportation management and helping shippers successfully reach out of their comfort zones.

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The Irish Logistics & Transport Awards 2013 Presents Expeditors with Employer of the Year

The Irish Logistic and Transport Awards (ILTAs) celebrates excellence in logistics and transport and encourages teams and individuals to constantly raise the bar when it comes to innovating and maintaining their commitment to the industry. Expeditors received the 2013 ILTA Employer of the Year award in recognition of training, recruiting, motivating, communication, rewarding, and retaining employees.

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2013 Executive Excellence Awards (CEOs): Peter Rose

Peter Rose was recognized by Seattle Business for his secret to success which helped grow Expeditors into a global transportation logistics giant. Rose's formula was simple and transparent: Create a well-defined corporate culture, provide a good employee incentive package, avoid debt, invest in technology that boosts productivity, and pursue long-term profits over short term gains.

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