Solving Southern Border Supply Chain Challenges

August 18

11:00am-12:00pm (UTC-05:00)


We'll discuss Northern and Southern border operations, regulations and processes. Join our regional experts to learn more about how to manage your operations traversing North America. Topics of discussion will include market changes that might impact your ability to efficiently move shipments across the border. Ranging from economic (demand fluctuations, driver availability, fuel prices, etc.) to regulatory (USMCA, Complemento Carta Porte, Aviso de Cruce, etc.).

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How to Save Duty by Using Chapter 98 HTS Classifications

August 24

8:00am-9:00am (UTC-07:00)


Please join our webinar as we discuss common Chapter 98 HTS numbers that can be used by your company to save on duty. Usage of Chapter 98 HTS numbers can be tricky to navigate so we will highlight how to use them correctly, common importer challenges, and the documentation needed to make a compliant claim.
The webinar will focus on these areas:
• Appropriate usage of these select Chapter 98 numbers: o 9801 – Articles exported and returned, not advanced or improved in condition o 9802 – Articles exported and returned, advanced or improved abroad o 9803 – Substantial containers or holders o 9813 – Articles admitted temporarily free of duty under bond (TIB) o 9811/9817.85 – Samples and prototypes
• Necessary documentation required to utilize these Chapter 98 HTS numbers
• Trends that Expeditors sees by industry for Chapter 98 usage
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