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Data combined with expertise produces insights, which make all the difference when it comes to optimizing your supply chain and creating resiliency. That’s insight-powered supply chains.



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Expeditors has proven invaluable in providing the advanced technology suite required to drive operational decision making.

Sheri Kerestman, The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company






It's In Our DNA

Solutions that allow you to focus on your growth, your success, your vision.

Our company was built on a foundation of innovation that continues today through combining logistics services with digital solutions to create an integrated and seamless experience for you, our customer. We're working hard to make sure your freight gets to where it's supposed to be.




Capture Knowledge

Data integrity. Everybody wants it, but where do you begin?

Supply chains powered by insights can make the difference between underperforming and outperforming. Expeditors' ability to see what others can not, helps to harmonize and connect definitions across your supply chain sources or understand their interpreted differences.

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Logistics Technology

Make a Difference

Technology is transforming the logistics industry, but how can you trust those changes are really creating value? Expeditors believes in making transformations without compromise. 

Expeditors ensures that their utilization of logistics technology makes a difference. Cargo Signal uses IoT technology to automate and optimize your supply chain data. At the click of a button, you can know everything about your freight.



Lowering Emissions

Our CO2 Interactive Dashboard

Supply chain emissions can make up a huge portion of a company’s carbon footprint that can easily be overlooked.

Our new CO2e interactive dashboard can help you calculate your supply chain emissions and glean insights to reduce your environmental impact while achieving your business objectives.

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Digital Solutions: Modernizing Trade Data

Director of Tradeflow Nic Beehler talks through the history of trade data management, the legislation that brought massive change to the customs process, and how online management systems are aiding shippers today, when colleagues aren't always in the same space to collaborate.