INCOTERMS ® 2020 – Basics

May 12

10:00am-12:00pm (UTC+01:00)



Even in these times, we as a company maintain our claim to excellent customer service and do not want to lose sight of important topics. Since 01 January 2020, the incoterms® 2020 are valid. In order to keep you fully informed in 2022, we are offering further virtual German webinars on this topics.


The Disrupted World: Leveraging Visibility and Analytics to Enhance Supply Chain Resiliency

May 19

10:00am-11:30am (UTC+01:00)


How have the recent disruptions affected your supply chain? How resilient has your supply chain proven to be? Please join us and learn more on how you can leverage data to understand what’s happening in your supply chain so that you can make quick, well-informed decisions.

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Take Control of Your Supply Chain With Sensor-Based Logistics: Cargo Signal

May 25

3:00pm-4:00pm (UTC+01:00)


Meet the future of cargo tracking—and the people who'll get you there. Cargo Signal puts technology and logistic expertise to work to ensure that you have total visibility of your cargo, no matter where it is. In this webinar, our host will give you an overview of the technology and services offered by Cargo Signal, and how they can help you to make faster decision that will optimize your supply chain and help protect your brand. Ready to pull the blinders off your next shipment?

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Understanding Customs Declaration Service Changes

May 31

11:00am-11:45am (UTC+01:00)


Customs Declaration Service (CDS) changes is coming in September 2022. Prepare your supply chain by joining Expeditors webinar, covering;

• What changes to expect

• When CDS changes will be effective from

• Preparing supply chains for upcoming changes

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