Combine sea, air, and ground for a cost-saving alternative to straight airfreight.

Expeditors’ multimodal program combines Sea+Air shipping services for savings over straight airfreight shipments, all while maintaining reasonable transit times. Combining Sea+Air shipping service can also help you minimize destination warehouse charges.

All multimodal shipments stay integrated within our global network, systems, and operational procedures, and receive Expeditors’ support from start to finish

Better transit time and performance

Transit times for multimodal service fall between normal air and ocean shipments on the same lane, with time savings up to 50 percent over an ocean transit. Select Asian routes act as capacity buffers and offer transit times similar to air transit but perform much better thanks to space availability.

Simplified shipment documentation

Sea+Air services at Expeditors move on a single transport document and a single per-kilo rate covers all transportation and trans-shipment costs.

Global tracking and reporting

Global visibility for all Sea+Air shipments is provided by Expeditors’ online tracking system, exp.o®, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) communication protocols process Sea+Air shipment information.

Expeditors offers Sea+Air service on the following trade lanes:

  • Asia via Dubai to Europe, Africa, and North America
  • India/Pakistan via Dubai to Europe, Africa, and North America
  • Asia via Incheon, Hong Kong, Taipei, or Singapore to Europe and the Americas
  • Asia via North America (Los Angeles and/or Miami) to Latin America
  • Europe and Middle East via Miami to Latin America
  • Latin America Sea+Air and Air+Sea to Europe, Asia, Middle East, and India
  • Air+Sea from Europe and North America to Australia and New Zealand via Asia

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