Preventative Treatment for the Healthcare Supply Chaincase

As the demographics and priorities of your market shifts, creating a digital twin of your global supply chain enables better agility to respond to the changing patient needs and technology developments.  From pharma and vaccines to medical equipment and devices, over-the-counter to patient specific treatments, Expeditors' Supply Chain Solutions mirrors your network allowing you to test new strategies for cost reductions, carbon mitigation, and efficiency gains across your supply chain without disrupting your business. 




Pharma GDP needs to be reassessed and reformed around modern collaborative principles, greater standardisation and more harmonised practices in order to better align it with the trajectories of global regulation and market evolution.”

Source: MMCS GDP Consultation Cluster Survey Report 2021/2022


Supply chain management has always been subservient to quality but in todays environment the challenges of the future as listed below demand a proactive approach to understanding and managing the supply chain in the healthcare arena.  Get a seat at the table and elevate your position. 


Risk Free Arena

Extend the predictive analytics beyond the patient and use digital twins to study a broader view of the supply chain. Having a digital twin of your supply chain provides supply chain leaders with insight into what is currently happening and a risk-free arena to confidently predict what would happen if changes were made.  


Sustainability in Healthcare

Let our digital twin enable your plan for a carbon neutral supply chain, coupled with your quality and regulatory requirements to ensure you’re able to go green with confidence. Measure the results within weeks of making a change.



Supply Chain Solutions will empower you to identify when your supply chain health is no longer optimal and with our multi-layered dashboard you can drill down to the level of detail needed to identify where changes should be made.

Expeditors' Supply Chain Solutions allows customers to continuously monitor supply chain performance to ensure that unforeseen disruptions are identified quickly.

Supply Chain Solutions in Actioncase

 Healthcare customers rely on our experience and creativity to model solutions that raise the performance of their supply chain network. With the digital twin, customers not only address their current business needs but also future proof their supply chain by adding forecasted changes into the models we create.  We love to partner with our customers to improve their supply chain and help our customers identify performance opportunities. Below are examples of Supply Chain Solutions in action.  

Learn more about Supply Chain Solutions and our healthcare programs.


Optimize your fulfilment network by balancing cost and customer response time with carbon through an iterative modeling experience.


Identify shifting demand patterns that require closer attention to supply chain capacity.


Improve your competitive position by quantifying the impacts of changes without endangering sales, safety or product security.


Understand the impact of sourcing changes before you disrupt your budget.

Future Proofcase-features

Future proof your carrier awards by expanding the selection criteria beyond a rating exercise.



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